Other Activities


The Opening of Two Operating Theatres

Some of the team members who were in Lautoka Hospital participated in the official opening of the recommissioning of the 2 theatres as well as the opening of a new operating theatre which was completed by a joint effort between Family Trusts, Friends of Fiji Heart Foundation and Friends of Fiji Health (NZ) Inc.

The theatres was officially opened by Dr Eloni Tora, Director Hospital Services, in the presence of other dignitaries including Mr Joe Cokanasiga (Minister of Agriculture and Assistant Prime Minister and a proud father of Adi Talei a volunteer team leader for the nurses that travelled with the team), Mr Punja of Punjas Ltd, Mr Dilip Katri of Jacks Fiji Ltd.



Deepak Tahal & Dr Eroni Tora in refurbished theatre






Dr Eloni Tora, Director of Health Services, inspecting the new theatre. On display is one of the 3 anaesthetic machines donated by FOFH.



Signing of the Agreement of Assistance (AOA) between The Ministry of Health, Fiji and FOFH (NZ) Inc. The principal signatories were Dr Eloni Tora and Dr Sunil Pillay with Dr Jemesa Tudravu and Bob Naidu as witnesses for the two respective parties.




Paper presentation

At the request of Specialised Clinical Services Program Organisers, Bob Naidu carried out a presentation to the group at their meeting held between 9th-10th December, 2010 at Tanoa International Hotel. The content was basically to tell them more about FOFH, how it was formed and what we were planning to do.

It was indicated that whilst our approach was based on a low cost budget, funding was a still critical for our effectiveness. The presentation was very well received and the attendees commended our work and our approach.  AUSAID and other donor Organisation, mainly Australians were very interested in what we were doing and were keen for us to approach them with some plan to see if they can assist. Deepak, Bob and Vijaya Naidu attended the meeting for a short period.



Bob Naidu presenting a paper about FOFH to the delegates from the South Pacific Islands who were attending a 2-day conference on Specialized Clinical Services in the Region.





About our Anaesthetists



Anaesthetist Dr James Lai using the recently donated anaesthetic machine to Lautoka Hospital by Friends of Fiji Health during the mission whilst surgeons are busy doing another complex surgery.

The anaesthetic services were provided solely by our friendly Kiwi anaesthetists. Along with the services they not only provided guidance but also collection of various anaesthetic drugs, equipment and consumables. Special acknowledgment to Dr Andrew Warmington for doing an earlier scoping mission and organizing the servicing and setting up donated anaesthetic machines to Lautoka Hospital theatres. They formed an invaluable part of the organisation and mission.


They were:

Dr Andrew Warmington

Dr James Lai

Dr Jack Hill

Dr Dave Chambley