Feedback from Patients

Patient 1

Mrs M, a 66 year old Indian woman, was referred to the FOFH gynaecology clinic at Lautoka Hospital by the FOFH team working at Nadi Hospital. Her daughter-law brought her to the hospital on a wheelchair. She had a long history of back and pelvic pain. She said that it felt like her “inside was falling out”. She was unable to do any work at home and was dependent on others for help.

In the clinic, we had great difficulty in getting her onto the examining table. She was diagnosed as having pelvic organ prolapsed and needed surgery. She was admitted to the gynaecology ward on the same day and proceeded to have a very successful vaginal hysterectomy with anterior and posterior repair on the next day.

The next morning she was feeling much better but was very reluctant to mobilise because in her mind she did not believe that she could. Later on the same day, with a bit of encouragement and support, she was up on her feet. She was discharged to go home two days later and walked from the hospital ward to her transport.

Prior to going home, she thanked all the staff and gave “a thousand blessings” to FOFH team and hoped that we would return to help many other women like her.

Patient 2

Mary, 47-year-old lady with growing abdominal – pelvic mass growing for sometime came in the last hours for help.

Her mass has been growing for some years causing her difficulty with mobility. This growing mass also decreased her appetite. She had lost a lot of weight. Mary felt tired and could not go about doing her daily duties. She became dependent on her family for being taken care of.

Mary recovered fully after a challenging but uncomplicated surgery removing 29 Kilograms of the ovarian mass. She went home 5 days after surgery to her usual normal duties. Mary is thankful to the volunteer team and Lautoka Hospital Staff.

Patients in the ward recovering with smiles on their faces.