1. Purpose:

The purpose of this policy is to provide all volunteers with clear guidelines and expectations about behaviours and attitudes expected while travelling and working in Fiji under the banner of Friends of Fiji Health NZ Inc. Friends of Fiji Health NZ Inc will either be referred to as "FOFH' or the "Foundation" in the document.

2. Policy:

2.1 Shared Responsibilities

FOFH will achieve its objectives and endeavour to exceed expectations of the host country while upholding the highest level of ethical standards. To achieve this all travelling members will share certain responsibilities:

  • Treating all colleagues, community and other individuals in a professional and fair manner at all times while representing the Foundation.
  • Conducting their activities with integrity and operating in compliance with all applicable laws in both countries;
  • Avoiding situations whereby personal interests are, or appear to be, in conflict with the Foundation's interests.
  • Safeguarding and properly using the Foundation's information, assets and resources, as well as those that other organisations or people have entrusted to us;
  • Maintaining confidentiality of non-public information and not acting on such information for personal gain; and
  • Committing to high quality performance, individually and as an organisation.

2.2 Compliance with Laws

All travelling volunteers are required to comply with the laws of Fiji. Violations of laws in Fiji have serious consequences both for the Foundation and individuals concerned. If unsure about anything ask your immediate leader or other responsible person before proceeding.

2.3 Drugs and Alcohol Policy

The possession, use or supply of any illicit drugs will not be condoned and will not gain any support from the Foundation should the local Authorities become involved. However, once the mission leader is aware of the breaches to this policy, the individuals concerned will be sent home immediately where they will be required to pay any extra airfares that may be incurred. 

Alcohol consumption in moderation socially will be tolerated during the evenings of the working days. However drunkenness/ antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated at any time. 

Individuals are to behave in an appropriate manner during any official functions that are held for or by the team.
Drinking and driving is taken very seriously and no member should be driving under the influence, no matter how minor it may be. Please note Fiji has zero Alcohol tolerance policy. 

As the work carried out by all medical personnel deals with the care of patients, it is expected that all the team members are performing at their best at all times.

2.4 Honesty and Integrity

  • All members travelling under the banner of FOFH are required to: 
  • Act professionally, ethically, honestly and courteously in all dealings, and maintain the Foundations expected behaviours and reputation.
  • Refrain from making disparaging, misleading or untruthful comments about the hosts, team members or associates with whom we deal with.
  • Support each other as a team.
  • Refrain from sexual misconduct, bullying, harassing or discriminating behaviour against others; and
  • Act in accordance with this policy.

2.5 Conflict of Interest

All members of the team must avoid any situation that may involve a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the Foundation. Each member must make prompt and full disclosure to the mission leader any situation which may involve a conflict of interest. 

2.6 Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

All information about patients etc, are to be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Any information that has to be disclosed has to take into consideration all the privacy requirements. 

All sensitive documents have to be filed safely and secured so that it does not fall into wrong hands.

All care should be taken when having sensitive conversation about the host country, patients etc.

2.7 Responding to Outside Enquiries

Only the Chairman or in his absence his nominee is authorised to respond to or delegate responses to any external agencies such as the media, lawyers etc 

2.8 Attendance and Participating in Meetings

It is expected in the course of the visit to Fiji, there will be regular meetings held to discuss progress and issues. Attendance is mandatory and individuals will be encouraged to participate.

Information gathered from this meeting will be documented, immediate action taken when required and information gathered to make the necessary improvements for future visits.

Good work will also be documented and team and individual contributions will be recognised.

2.9 Incident Reporting

All incidents, no matter how minor should be reported to their leader immediately. If minor the immediate group leader will act on it immediately and report back to the overall mission leader in the evenings. 

Should the incident be severe, the mission leader should be notified immediately who will then take the appropriate actions individually or in consultation with the senior members of the group.

2.10 Compliance with Code

Any member of the travelling volunteer group who may breach this code will be subject to disciplinary measures up to and including being sent back to New Zealand.

2.11 Governing Law

The terms of this code of conduct shall be construed in accordance with the laws of New Zealand and governed by the jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand.